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Top UK Private Football Boarding Schools FAQ's

Published Friday 24th of June 2022 12:02 PM

Football Boarding Schools in England Facts, Figures and Frequently Asked Questions


There are tons of facts, figures and questions potential new families ask about UK football boarding schools. Below are some of the main facts, figures, and frequently asked questions that we have picked out from 100’s to help give you some more information about private football schools in England. 

How many private boarding schools are there in England?

There are approximately 500 private boarding schools in England but very few are considered as being the best football boarding schools.

Youngest age for private boarding school in the UK?

Prep school caters for boarders between 7-13 years old and many pupils leave prep schools for senior independent school at aged 11. Students are usually age 5 or above but can be as young as 2. The youngest age that children can start boarding in the UK is 7 years of age. In the last twenty years, huge emphasis has been placed on making the modern UK boarding school fantastic environments for young people, with incredible emphasis on child welfare and pastoral care - all the private schools we recommend fall into this category.

What is the best age to start private football boarding school in the UK?

This all depends on your child. Some children really enjoy and settle in easy to life in the boarding school environment from the age of seven, others wait until they are older with many starting at 11 or 13. We feel though that the sooner a student/player can be in private football boarding school in the UK and in the UK youth coaching system they will get a head start when it comes to academy football.

Is private football boarding school beneficial?

Private football boarding schools allow children a safe space in which to have greater control and independence over their daily lives and enables them to enjoy all the incredible facilities, activities, and opportunities which the schools can provide all whilst receiving an excellent level of coaching. Teachers and staff supervise and support, but they are unlikely to be over-protective which helps develop confident, independent students. Again, it is a very personal decision for each family but one that the best boardings schools and their staff are delighted to help you with. Many private football boarding schools run their football academies very similar to professional club academies with many schools having several highly qualified ex-professional players and managers overseeing the academies giving players a professional academy experience all whilst studying.

Which is better, day school or boarding school?

A day school tends to have more children per class than a boarding school meaning there is less individual attention for each student. The advantages of smaller class sizes and more individual attention is often reflected in the academic attainment, sporting results and high-quality musical and arts tuition.

What are the advantages of UK boarding schools and the football aspect of these?

Boarding school students can focus better on their studies because television, video games, phones and other distractors are limited. These students usually perform better academically because they live in an environment that is conducive to learning according to statistics. Training can take place up to 4-5 times a week with some schools also playing twice weekly too. This helps replicate a professional club academy to help prepare players should they go on to professional or semi-professional football.

What are the disadvantages of private boarding school?

No school is perfect, and parents and students considering private boarding schools need to be aware of some potential disadvantages or concerns when being away from home. It is vital that parents select a school well suited to their child - for example, parents should consider whether a school performs well in areas where they have a particular interest. In our experience, participating with other likeminded pupils and getting high quality teaching/ coaching helps students, settle in, make friends, be successful and most importantly be happy. Clearly, the boarding schools are also more expensive than other options, but the potential gains means that most parents see them as a hugely worthwhile investment for their children's future.

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