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✓ EXPERTS! We speak to professional clubs, schools, scouts, coaches, players and students daily.

PAID PACKAGES OR FREE ADVICE! Range of support packages available depending on your bespoke needs. 

✓ INCLUSIVE! This service is for male and female players aged 10-23 years old from the UK and overseas.

✓ WE CARE! Outstanding customer service you can trust. We respond quickly and efficiently.

✓ TRUST! All establishments recommended by us are checked in person by our team of experts.

✓ BESPOKE! We listen to your football & education needs and provide the right solution for you.

✓ PERSONABLE! We will endeavour to meet all players and parents at arrange tours of the facilities.

✓ EXPERIENCE! Our team have over 15 years' experience and is linked to the world's largest football trials company.

✓ OPPORTUNITY! Benefit from our scouting network through our sister company, UK Football Trials, which includes 80+ scouts!

✓ DIRECT! We put you in direct touch with the right person at the establishment to save you time and confusion.

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Read The Reviews From Our Sister Company UK Football Trials - A Feefo Platinum Trusted Company!

Through UK Football Schools, our clients gain access to the scouting network of our sister company UK Football Trials.  We use Feefo, an INDEPENDENT feedback Review Company where we invite you to read what the players and parents who attend our 5 day camp events think! We have been awarded a “Platinum Trusted Service Award”, the highest accolade they award, due to the outstanding feedback we receive.

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UK Football Schools - unparalleled expertise in finding the best UK schools for football & education

UK Football Schools will enable you to discover the quickest, most efficient way to find the perfect UK Football School for your son or daughter. 

This will give them the greatest chance of becoming a professional player while receiving a fantastic education, and school experience too.  As a parent - finding the right school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you will make. But finding the football boarding school that gives them the highest chance of becoming a professional player, while also providing the best education possible, adds another layer of complexity to the already confusing process.

By now - you’ve probably spent hours scrolling through google searching “best UK football schools” or seen information on internet forums, or read blogs about independent football schools. A word of warning that often these are written by well meaning individuals or education agents, but they have no experience or expertise in football and their advice should be taken with a degree of caution. The opinions you have read have probably given you many different options, you will have heard many different opinions and been given lots of conflicting advice…  probably leaving you more confused and frustrated than before you began.  

For most parents we work with, time is already a precious asset and sadly, we speak to parents every day who have tried to find a school themselves and regret the choice they’ve made.  It’s not uncommon for parents to either rush the process or take the wrong guidance.

Unfortunately - the ability of a school to rank 1st in google isn’t related to how good their football programmes are or how good their education is, and some of the opinions we have read about the “top football schools in the UK” lack crucial insight which parents need to know in order to make a fully informed decision.

Luckily, removing the overwhelm and giving the right support and expert advice to make the best decision for your child is exactly where we can help.

If we find your child the ideal football boarding school, with the perfect balance between football and education you can just imagine how happy your child will be, the stories they will be able to tell, and the incredible experiences they will have. If between us we work together to make the right selection we can genuinely give them the best chance of becoming a professional footballer, fulfilling academic potential and having a happy, fulfilling school experience that they will look back on fondly and that sets them up for success.  It is this outcome that gives our team a huge amount of joy – seeing the families that we work with happy with the football school selection we have made together. 

With over 15 years of experience in the space, UK Football Schools has been trusted by over 1000 parents to help find the right schools for their children.  We also run UK Football Trials the worlds largest football trials company giving every student we work with the opportunity to get scouted by professional clubs through our incredible network. As an example we have scouts from 80 football clubs who attend our events. From Premier league giants to semi professional teams, our clients benefit from having our unrivalled network available to them.  

We have hundreds of success stories of players from all ages and locations on our Uk Football trials website, including Daniel Jebbison who was spotted at one of our trials and 3 years later became the youngest player in history to score on his first start in the Premier league.  

We would never pretend the path to pro football is easy but we have an incredible network & track record of helping players get scouted through our platforms. We can confidently say that you would be hard pushed to find another company with anything like our level of expertise in this specialist area. We hope to get the opportunity to prove this to you!