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Luca S - 15 Years Old. Thailand

Here we hear from Jason who is the father of Luca from Thailand who joined one of our recommended schools in January 2021.

Tomasso L - 14 Years Old. Italy

Tomasso had been playing football since an early age and wanted to take his skills to a higher level.

Francesco O - 14 Years Old. Italy

Francesco was playing in Italy and struggled to find the right balance for his level of football. Francesco knew he had to move to the UK to further his football career. This is when the family found UK Football Schools who took care of everything...

Chris R - 16 Years Old. Dubai, UAE

Chris had been playing at a good level in Dubai but wanted to make the move to the UK to further his development but also study in Sixth Form to achieve qualifications to be able to continue with his studies post 18...

Allen K - Australia, 16 Years Old.

Allen attended our UK Football Trials camp in Australia earlier this year, as a young aspiring footballer he and his family looked into opportunities where he could develop in a full time private academy. Since the camp, UK Football Schools have helped Allen secure a place at one of Europe's best private football academies for the 2020/21 season, click to find out the thoughts of how his mum found the process...

Kyle M - 13 Years Old. Turks and Caicos

Kyle's dad - Being from England and working for the Turks and Caicos FA understood that Kyle had to come to the UK to have a chance of becoming a professional footballer one day...

Daniel A - 15 Years old. UK.

Daniel's parents were looking to find an elite football boarding school where their son could receive a fantastic education but also a program that would help take his football development to the next level, take a look to see their thoughts on the new school he has started at.

Daniel A - 15 Years old. UK.

Daniel was looking for an elite football boarding school where he could obtain a fantastic education and football development. Take a look to see how he is getting on...

Josh M - 12 Years Old. Hong Kong

Josh was finding it difficult to progress his football further in Hong Kong and with a true passion to football, he decided to pursue his footballing journey through us...

Alex K - 19 Years old. Washington, USA

Watch the video of Alex telling us about how American College Soccer just wasn't enough for him. Alex has now signed for a pro club for next season...

Razvan S - 15 Years old. Toronto, Canada

Too good for his local leagues and not getting the game time or competition he needed, Razvan knew he has to come to the UK to stand a chance at one day playing pro...

Devanti M - 12 Years old. Cayman Islands.

Devanti M - 12 Years old. Cayman Islands.

Devanti had gone as far as he could with his football on the small islands in the Caribbean…

Ethan G - 15 Years old. Sydney, Australia

Watch the video kindly sent to us from Alex, Ethan's Mum. Ethan has had trials with 3 pro clubs this year and says this was the best move of his life...

Olliver F - 16 Years Old. Denmark

Olliver wasn't improving any more where he was in Denmark and had to find somewhere that would push him further...

Jake - 14 Years Old. Malta

Jake was getting frustrated with the lack of opportunities on the small island of Malta...

Pablo M - 12 Years Old. Gaborone, Botswana

Pablo's Mum had to move to London for work, but with Pablo completely inspired by football she had to find a school where football would motivate his academics...

Granit I - 18 Years Old - UK/Kosovo

Granit I - 18 Years Old - UK/Kosovo

Granit joined the elite football academy in Spain that our team here at UK Football Schools recommend, since joining he has been rewarded with a call up to trial with his national team...

Michael Boffey - 17 Years Old - Australia

Michael Boffey - 17 Years Old - Australia

Michael is finishing his schooling in Australia this year and is looking for a full time football academy to join post education. Michael joined the private football academy in Spain for a short stint to experience life in Spain, after a fantastic time there Michael will be joining up for two years to continue his football development to the highest level.

Karim S - 16 Years Old - Romania

Karim S - 16 Years Old - Romania

Karim joined the elite private football academy based in Spain in 2019 and his football development has gone from strength the strength, most recently he had the chance to showcase his talents against the Levante U19 academy.

Jack B - 15 Years Old. United Kingdom

Jack B - 15 Years Old. United Kingdom

Jack attended the UK Football Trials 5 Day Football Camp in August 2020 where he impressed the coaches and scouts who were at the event. Jack was living in Spain but felt if he were to progress with his football he would need to join an elite football boarding school here in the UK.

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