How do UK Football Schools Choose Our Football Boarding Schools?

How do UK Football Schools Choose Our Football Boarding Schools?

Published Tuesday 27th of November 2018 11:04 AM

You may be wondering, with so many schools in Great Britain (well over 24,000!), how we manage to find the very best schools for football in UK to recommend?

Firstly, it was a requirement that the very best schools for football in England and the UK have to provide excellent football facilities. We recognise that a school without a floodlit football pitch for example, will be unable to provide footballers with somewhere to train or play, outside of school hours during the winter months. 

We also understand that a player’s development is often dependent on the quality of the coaching, meaning we had to find schools with the finest football coaches. Not only coaches with the best experience and qualifications, but also those who could relate well to the players. These elite coaches are hard to come by and can only be found in elite schools. 

UK players are of course able to attend state funded schools which are usually allocated according to where a player lives. It is also true that overseas players are unable to attend state schools in the UK unless they are living here, so we decided that we needed to look for the very best private, independent football boarding schools, which offered excellent football programmes and education.

We then spent a lot of time researching school programmes for football, not only by digging through social media channels, looking at reviews, reading Ofsted reports and searching through Google but we then spoke to our contacts at professional football clubs, coaches, scouts and noted carefully, which boarding schools for football are the most successful, not only in terms of results but in individual success stories. It is important that our recommended private schools for football can provide the highest level of footballing provisions to aid a young player’s development.  

Finally, when we had the shortlist we visited the schools, met the football staff and looked into their backgrounds, saw the facilities, watched training sessions and their styles of football.  Most importantly, before we recommended any schools, we spoke to senior school figures before deciding whether it truly was one of the best schools for football in England.

Rest assured, we appreciate that football and education programmes are ever changing and improving, as coaches move roles or schools find better ways to achieve success, so we continue to research, observe and monitor all school football programmes in the UK to ensure that the schools we recommend, really are the best in our opinion.  

We feel that the selected football schools and programmes we recommend really do offer aspiring footballers the very best opportunities to succeed within the game.

Our selection gives a variety of different school types – the idea is that after we speak to you and get a feel to what aspects you are looking for in a football school, we can make recommendations to you which we feel will be perfect for you! We invite you to give us a try – it’s a completely free, no obligation service so you truly have nothing to lose from getting our expert advice!

With our knowledge, our commitment is to find the very best boarding schools for football in England and the UK.