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Why Did I Join UK Football Schools?

Published Tuesday 23rd of April 2019 07:50 AM

For a couple of years previous to joining the company I have been working with UK Football Trials, attending their professional one day soccer trials and also the world renowned five day soccer camps. When I received a call from a long-time business partner, now the Director of UK Football Schools, I just couldn't turn the opportunity down. The dream team was reformed! 

UK Football Schools is a unique initiative providing education places for UK and international students at some of the top boarding schools in the UK. Many of these boarding schools for football have links to soccer academies in England and all of them provide a great football programme alongside excellent academic learning. In fact 2 of our schools have reached the ISFA(Independent Schools Football Association) Cup final having qualified from a host of other English Soccer Schools. The schools and football industry has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I wasn't even aware of so in depth. There are 100's of international students looking to start education at one of our many good soccer boarding schools in the UK as they offer some of the best soccer academies in England and now the best academy in Europe. 

Not just top boarding schools, UK Football Schools also have links to what is considered to be the world’s best football University for programme and also a world class European academy partnership (Spain football academy) that play against the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia to name a few. 

So, the reason for joining UK Football Schools was because the business is based around football and education which are two things I really enjoy, and is also a very interesting insight into the UK's top soccer boarding schools and football University. It was a no brainer for me to get on-board with such a wonderful company and a great set of people.