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UK Football Schools - Best Spanish Football Academies: European Football Opportunities

Published Thursday 12th of September 2019 12:22 PM

In the late 1990s and early 2000s football was dominated by English clubs in Europe; Manchester United winning the Treble, Liverpool’s famous Turkish come back against AC Milan. Since the rise of Lionel Messi, Real Madrid’s power in the Champions League, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid’s dominance of the UEFA Cup/Europa League players who are not looking for the best private schools with football academies are looking for Europe’s best private academy are flooding into Spain.

The Spanish FA, Ex-professional footballers and managers have invested a lot of money into starting their own top Spanish football academies in the search for the best young talent. One notable success story from a top Spanish football academy is Sam Clucas, Sam worked his way up from Non-League in the UK to play in the Premier League with Hull and Swansea after playing at a great Spanish football academy. To join a good European football academy is easy and a great option for footballers looking to get exposure to professional clubs in mainland Europe and here in the UK but it’s finding the right one whether it’s a top Spanish soccer school; Spanish football academy or Spanish private football academy.

There are several great football academies in Europe around and UK Football Schools believe that the best Spanish football schools are ideal for players aged 15 to 23, players between these ages are competing with club scholars and professionals so it is important to be playing at a high level, by playing in a top Spanish football school or a good football academy in Europe it will allow players to keep up with their peers in professional clubs. Not everyone is looking to continue their academics in the best private schools with soccer academies so it is important to have an option where you can still pursue a dream of having a career in professional/semi-professional football and what UK Football Schools believe to be Spain’s top football academy can assist players in developing at a high level whilst providing the exposure opportunities needed to be seen by Europe’s top clubs.


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