Billy Cai

Billy Cai



My son, Billy loves football and it’s the only thing he ever wants to do! We attended UK Football Trials in Melbourne in 2017 and the camp was fantastic. It really opened our eyes to what the ‘next level’ of football is like and what the game is like in England.

Billy loved the camp and wanted to be part of the professional side of the game, where he could really focus on developing his skills. When we spoke to Harry, the director of UK Football Trials, he put me in touch with Chris at UK Football Schools about what options we had and in finding a boarding school football academy in England.  

Chris sent me some suggestions and we flew over from Australia to see the schools. We met with the admissions team and the coaching staff at one school and Billy and I were blown away at what they could offer in terms of football. They really focus on everything we could never find in Australia, such as nutrition plans, measuring Billy’s weight, muscle mass, muscle power, filming his matches and analysing his performance with him, it was just great and Billy’s dream.

Billy began in September and loves it. It’s great to find a good football school and he keeps telling me he can’t wait to come home over the holidays and play against his old friends now. His whole confidence and love for life is amazing and we are really happy with the decision. Thank you UK Football Schools!

Robert Cai



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