Maximise your Football Experience in the UK through UK Football Schools

We would like to introduce you to a guardianship and football mentoring service. Many of the players/ students we have helped find the perfect school decide to take one of these packages with us, to maximise their footballing opportunities whilst there. This service has been gratifyingly successful, with excellent feedback and results. We are fortunate that the vast majority of players and families have requested our continued support with one of the football mentorship packages below.


Where We Are Now?

When we started in September 2018 we had 30 players using our service. By December 2018, six of these players (who were all from overseas) had been invited into professional clubs for trials through us. Many of the other players we placed are now progressing with their football very quickly and have generated a lot of interest from scouts.

As a result of these exciting developments, we experienced lots of calls and emails from these players, asking for our help and advice on footballing issues. These issues included help with trials, immigration law, (pro clubs pay thousands of pounds for lawyers to help them with such issues!), even things such as players not getting enough game time at school or being made to play out of position! The service is great for those who need general help with their football whilst they are schooling in the UK. We have therefore put together several packages that all aspiring footballers at schools or colleges up and down the country can use to help them progress with their football careers.

This year alone we have now helped over 500 players in to the best football schools, academies and Universities across the UK and now the world and as you can imagine, our mentor packages are now in great demand!

We have also outlined below some potential package options which we think may be of interest.


Additional Football Mentorship Packages


Basic Package (£947 per year) 


·      Hands on individual advice from our team of experts including Premier League and Championship scouts, an FA registered Intermediary (agent), UEFA licensed coaches and ex pro players, whenever you need it during the course of the entire school year (40 weeks - so circa £15 a week). Players and parents can discuss individual development needs with our experts who will provide bespoke advice and help liaise with school coaches if needed to ensure players are getting the development they need.

·      One free UK Football Trial event, run by our sister company, where players get the chance to train, and play in front of, and be seen by 10-15 pro and semi pro football club scouts.  In 2019, an incredible 734 players were scouted from these 1 day events with hundreds of club trials and 54 player signings!


Who would this be great for?

This package is recommended for those who are looking to make the most of their football whilst at school in the UK, and give themselves every chance of being seen by multiple scouts. We are contactable for advice and can use our contacts and trials to the benefit of players. We have helped players in the past contact football clubs when they have been scouted (and not contacted), have one on one's with players when we visit their schools and can communicate with the schools’ Directors of Football regarding any issues a player may be experiencing. We can help parents and players understand the FA, FIFA and immigration laws when looking to join pro clubs. We can assist with trial arrangements and indeed with anything else needed to help them progress their football. The free UKFT trial, where we highlight our player to scouts, gives players outstanding exposure and every opportunity to be noticed by pro clubs.

It basically means that we can stay in touch! 


 Gold Package (£2,547 per year) – Open to only 20 players per year.


·      Everything in the Basic Football package PLUS in addition:

·      A member of our team of professional coaches and scouts, who work for pro clubs, will attend 1 game per season and provide a detailed scout report for you. This means a pro club scout, watching only him for that game, that gives him outstanding exposure. 

·      A space at our 5 day UK Football Training and Trial Camp in either April or August - the Ultimate Football Experience click here

 for more information. 


Platinum Elite Package  (£3,747 per year) – Open to only 5 players per year.


·      Everything in the Gold package PLUS in addition:

·      You will attend a second additional UK Football Trial event (3 in total)

·      You will be provided with a termly ‘Football Development’ Scout Report, identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as advising on development and playing level. This means we have a different scout (one from each level of academy) come to watch three separate games across the year, which really does offer exceptional exposure (and the players love that a EPL scout has come to watch them only!)

·      All the available additional extras during the 5 day camp (This will include an official scout Report/ GPS Tracking/ Professional Player Highlight Reel and additional small group coaching)

·      One to one session with a football psychology expert at our 5 day camp 

·      Personalised pair of Nike Boots

·      In the event of pro club interest, introduction to the UK Football trials ambassador, a former Premier League Manager who works for a recommended football agency.

Additional charged extras are also available on the Elite package, such as one-on-one sessions with one of our head coaches (who are coaching at pro clubs currently) and/or one-on-one psychology sessions with our specialist psychologist. Please ask for details. 


Who would the Gold and Elite Packages be great for?

The Gold and Elite packages are recommended for those really serious about progressing within football. It contains the maximum amount of exposure, feedback, development and care that we can offer. This gives our players everything possible to add to the experience of studying in the UK, and gives them every opportunity to excel. The specialised assistance provided by the gold and elite package has this year helped a number of players sign for professional clubs.


Obviously, we can’t promise that these packages will result in a professional football contract (no-one can), however we will do our very upmost to do what we can to drastically improve your performance whilst ensuring pastoral needs and well-being is catered for; and we have a proven record of doing so!



So What About Guardianship for Those in Schools?

Our sources in the schools we work with expect there will be Government guidance (and potentially laws) introduced next year to state that all overseas players in schools should have a UK based Guardian. After questions from parents and considerable research, we have found a very experienced Guardianship company, (expertly run by a lady who is now our friend) which we can wholeheartedly recommend. For a very reasonably fee, she provides an absolutely first class, traditional Guardianship service, the details of which are provided below.


UK Football Schools recommended Guardianship Service

For those needing a UK based guardian (required by most independent schools), this can be arranged for £500 per term, which represents excellent value in relation to comparable services. The UK guardianship company we recommend and deal with is absolutely first class, and has over fifteen years of experience of UK school Guardianship. The company will ensure that the student athlete receives help with all the very important pastoral aspects of boarding school life. They will also ensure transport to and from airports is arranged, that the student is looked after in the event of illness or injury, and help ensure that they are progressing satisfactorily academically. There is 24-hour support available for both student and parents in the event of welfare and well-being concerns, and a place to stay during half term or school holidays can be arranged if required. 

With the recent Corona virus outbreak, the tremendous advantages of having a Guardianship service in place have never been more starkly illustrated. Having a UK based Guardian to help solve the complex pastoral and logistical problems that this outbreak has caused has been hugely beneficial to all the parties involved.


I hope this email helps to explain how our guardianship and football packages work. This year we look forward to welcoming more players onto these packages. We truly believe that this guardianship and these football packages represent outstanding value for money. We think they will enhance any football playing student's year, and turn him/ her into a better, happier player, by helping us to oversee an individual's pastoral and football development, and maximise his/ her football opportunities over the course of the year.


As aforementioned, if you are studying in an independent school in the UK, want to drive your football forward and wish to discuss any of these options, please click "Find Out More" for more information and fees!