What is Guardianship?

Many independent schools and the UK Visa and Immigration, require players who do not have a family or family friend in the UK to have a “UK Guardian".

Guardians act as a vital “safety net” and typically act as both the school and student’s UK contact and provide a communication link to parents living overseas. They deal with everything from safe transit to and from schools, to reporting back to parents on academic progress, attending parent’s evenings and taking care of any pastoral needs or emergencies a player may have.

Furthermore, many of our players decide to enrol at our schools because of the football progression opportunities. Outside the school football coaching team, players and parents also want a trusted contact to help ensure they are maximising their football development and opportunities. These "football guardians" do not readily exist currently.

Please note that these services are offered to any student studying in an independent school within the UK. 

Where We Are Now?

In September 2018 we had 30 players using our service. By December 2018, six of these players (who were all from overseas) had been invited into professional clubs for trials through us. Many of the other players we placed are now progressing with their football very quickly and have generated a lot of interest from scouts.

As a result of these exciting developments, we experienced lots of calls and emails from these players, asking for our help and advice on footballing issues. These issues included help with trials, immigration law, (pro clubs pay thousands of pounds for lawyers to help them with such issues!), even things such as players not getting enough game time at school or being made to play out of position! The service is great for those who need general help with their football whilst they are schooling in the UK. We have therefore put together several packages that all aspiring footballers at schools or colleges up and down the country can use to help them progress with their football careers.




Introducing Our New Football Mentoring and Guardianship Packages - What Are Your Options?

Depending on how much you want to invest in the football development, our various packages provide everything you could possibly need to help on this football journey.  


Bronze Package (£175 per Term)

Our Bronze package is your affordable football support package. If you do not require a full-time guardian here in the UK, we at UKFS can be here, at the end of the phone, to offer any advice on football matters when you need it and are able to sort these issues for you. This could be about a big decision you need to make, perhaps about trials, contracts or negotiations, how to improve your chances of being scouted or what to be working on in your game. If you, or your coach, feels you need specialist extra training, we will help facilitate this and will be on hand to support you on your journey. Not only this, but you will receive a free trial with our sister company These trials have an excellent track record of players being scouted and attract around 10-20 pro club scouts, from the Premier League clubs, right down to semi pro level. As a UKFS player, we will also be on hand at the trial to advise and offer informed feedback, during and after the trial. After helping players find their chosen school and succesfully helping players into professional football clubs, we hope many players and parents will take the opportunity to become a UKFS player for the year, and allow us to continue to help you on your footballing journey!


Silver Package

In addition to the football advisory service as described and offered in our Bronze package, the Silver package offers a Full Guardianship Service which will next year become a legal requirement by both the school and UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI). We have researched the market carefully, and we are delighted to recommend the best guardian company we have found who now we work closely with. They come with absolutely outstanding experience and credentials. Finding a trusted, good value and experienced guardian is extremely important, and is something we advise all international students studying in the UK to have. This package will cover both school and UKVI legal requirements for International students studying in the UK. 

The Guardianship service will ensure that the student receives help with all the very important pastoral aspects of boarding school life. It will also ensure transport to and from airports is arranged, that the student is looked after in the event of illness or injury, and help ensure that they are progressing satisfactorily academically. There is 24-hour support available for both student and parents in the event of welfare and well-being concerns, and a place to stay during half term or school holidays can be arranged if required. The Guardian will liaise between parents, schools and facilitate communication between the student, parents and school.

This really gives the players/ students an all round support structure, both in terms of footballing, but academically and pastorally. 


Gold Package

Now it’s getting serious! This package offers much more and is the finest available! It includes all the tremendous benefits of the Bronze and Silver packages, (including the full time Guardianship), so you can rest assured that the student/ player is provided with the best possible pastoral and footballing care.

On the football front, this is for the very serious player as you now have the expertise of our full team behind you and at your disposal. This includes pro scouts, pro licenced coaches, sport psychologists, ex professional Premier League players and managers and qualified football agents. You can turn to them for help, support, and advice on all football issues and if you want specific one to one training, we can source experts for you. This is an absolutely outstanding resource to have at your disposal.  Access to these experts will hugely enhance your football journey. In addition, this package means that we send three different highly qualified pro club scouts to watch one of your school games each term, and provide you with a report each time, on your progress. Not only this, the player will be invited to one of our 5 day football camp ( where he/ she will be monitored closely by a Premier League scout across the week. They will then produce an official scout report for the player on the week’s performances. This camp not only offers video analysis tutorials, psychology lessons and nutritional advice, but a huge end of the week football trial with over 20 professional scouts in attendance! Here at UKFS, we are convinced that this package will take your football to the next level and as a gift for our Gold package enrolments, we will arrange for players to receive a personalised pair of Nike boots!

The Gold Package can be taken out with us without the full guardianship service (many students don't require a full time UK guardian) for a reduced cost. 


Obviously, we can’t promise that these packages will result in a professional football contract (no-one can), however we will do our very upmost to do what we can to drastically improve your performance whilst ensuring pastoral needs and well-being is catered for; and we have a proven record of doing so!


As aforementioned, if you are studying in an independent school in the UK, want to drive your football forward and wish to discuss any of these options, please click "Find Out More" for more information and fees!